04SEPT12 Thesis Proposal

Share the Road

A Tool Kit for Complete Streets: The case of The University of Maryland

Working Title:

Share the Road – A Tool Kit for Complete Streets: The case of The University of Maryland

Committee Member:

Dr. Byoung-Suk Kweon, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture

Dr. David Myers, ASLA, Associate Professor, Dept. of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture

[Dr. Powell Draper, Associate Professor, The School of Architecture, Planting & Preservation]


In 2011, the 112th Congress House passed Safe and Complete Streets Act (HR. 1780), which defines complete streets as “safely accommodates all travelers, particularly public transit users, bicyclists, pedestrians (including individuals of all ages and individuals with mobility, sensory, neurological, or hidden disabilities), motorists, and freight vehicle operators; and enables all travelers to use the roadway safely and efficiently”. This proposed act will ensure the rights of all roadway users once it’s passed by the Senate (S. 1056).

Based on these legal provisions, and also as a response to the Complete Street movement, this thesis will look at the improvement of the roadway system in University of Maryland, College Park. It will start with a review on writing materials on American roadway design standards and guides, and complete streets proposals and some of the policies enacted by jurisdictions lower than federal level.  Then it will study several cases of constructed examples and completed proposals as precedence. From a planning scope, the design will be composed with collected data and facts. Based on the analysis of questionnaire survey results, some factors other than transportation, like physical constrains, roadway storm water runoff and aesthetic outcome, etc., will be taken into consideration during the following design. Finally this thesis will develop a set of tool kits for future campus roadway improvements design towards complete streets.

Key Words:

Complete streets, campus roadway system, campus roadway facility, campus roadway design tool kit, shared road, transportation improvement.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1   Research Scope

Chapter 2   Background: Legislative and Practical

Chapter 3   Literature Review

[Include related Acts, publications and AASHTO Guides]

Chapter 4   Case Study

San Francisco: Find one university here

Portland, Oregon:  Find one university here

Chicago, Illinois: Find one university here

Chapter 5   Towards A Better University Community: The Case of University of Maryland


Current Situation


Master Plan

Appendix (Including survey results and analysis)

Chapter 6   Complete Streets Tool Kit for University Campus

Chapter 7   Conclusion

Chapter 8   Appendix




[1] http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/112/s1056


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